Carmine Cochineal High Quality

Canaturex is an official European brand registered in Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas. It’s dedicated exclusively to the harvest, breeding, gathering and exportation of dry cochinieal from the Ultraperipheric Regions.

Carmine Cochineal High Quality

Pioneers in the production of cochineal from the Canary Islands under quality regulations, we offer a differentiated product, thus promoting sustainability and commercial ethics.


Settled in the Asociación de Criadores y Exportadores de Cochinilla de las Islas Canarias (Association of Breeders and Exporters of Cochineal from the Canary Islands) we work with Canarian producers in order to ensure that the raw material is a referent in quality and volume, potentiating the aggregated value of the different industrial sectors they belong to.

A good product speaks highly of itself regarding the quality of its raw material and CANATUREX brings that added value to multiple sectors: for the natural dying of textiles (leather, wool or silk), natural food colorants (E-120), pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, pigments for artistic paintings (either for designing or historical restoration), in the wood industry and, eventually, on any other product to be dyed with this valuable raw material.

Carmine and carminic acid

They are derivatives obtained from cochineal used as high quality natural dyes in multiple products in order to give different color tonalities. Usually, its range varies among red, fuchsia and orange depending on the mordant spent in its manufacturing. As a result, a quite remarkable and quality colour is obtained.

Discover the authentic flavor of the Canary Islands with our cochineal. Try now!