Carmine pigment distribution

At the moment, we distribute to all kinds of differentiated customers, making our quality be a MARKET REFERENCE. We plan the breeding and gathering according to your needs.

Quality of the raw material

To our brand, quality is a priority. That is why we have been working as a team on certifications that will allow consumers and distributers to adjust to the compliance with international regulations of proper agricultural practice regarding good agricultural practice and quality of the product, hygiene and wellness of the customer.

Outermost Regions Symbol Graphic

We are proud to own a complete traceability system, and CANATUREX complies with the actual regulations. Among the quality stamps that Brussels provide to agricultural products of differentiated quality, we must stress on our collaborations with the development of the first quality standard for dry cochineal for the use of the Outermost Regions Graphic Symbol of the European Union.

Not only this graphic symbol acknowledges the quality of the product by giving it a reliable and identifiable name, it also provides for access to the market, it makes it possible to fight properly against disloyal competition, it adapts to the evolution of distribution and responds to the expectations of the consumers.


Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria (ICCA), an organism that belongs to the Government of the Canary Islands, is in charge of the control, supervision and certifications, which guarantees the compliance of the most renowned quality standards.

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