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In this section you will find the news and downloads of the articles and publications that appear in the different media with news about the breeding of mealybugs in Gran Canaria.

The Quality Standard for dry cochineal is approved (13/09/25):

The Government of the Canary Islands has published the Quality Standard of dry cochineal produced in the islands in order to be able to use the Ultraperipheric Regions Graphic Symbol (RUP). Proposed by Asaga, and after the boost given to this product by the Grancanarian brand Canaturex, which has also requested the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), the Agriculture Ministry approved an order that regulates its production and trading.

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CANATUREX on magazine Eurocarne (12/12/01):

Article published by the renowned magazine related to the meat sector, the Brand Canaturex and the paperwork on Quality that are being handled in the Cochineal of Carmine in the Canary Islands. Paulino Rivero, the present President of the Government of the Canary Islands, is mentioned supporting the task. Page 15

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CANATUREX on agrarian magazine Campo Canario n� 93 (12/01/01):

Interview with young entrepreneur and farmer Lorenzo P�rez about the beginnings on the request to the Government of the Canary Islands of the Quality Standard for dry Cohineal produced in the islands. Pages 48 y 49

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Reactivating the cultivation of cochineal on the Canary Islands (12/07/15):

First steps on the offensive to reactivate the sector of Cochineal of the Canary Islands.

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